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Hair Transplants
Surgical Procedures
Surgical Procedures

Modern techniques in hair grafting (the most recently performed method of transplanting hair) are performed by taking small pieces of hair bearing scalp from the back and sides of the head and moving them into holes and slits on the top of the head. This technique is commonly called hair grafting, folicular unit transplantation or hair transplantation. This procedure is performed by many physicians and in many clinics throughout the world. No new hair is added – hair and skin are relocated.

How Many Grafts Does It Take To Get Adequate Coverage?
A square of paper 3.3 inches long will give you a realistic idea of the area that would require approximately 500-600 standard grafts. This will indicate the importance of strategic planning and precise placement of grafts to give the illusion of more hair.

Scalp Reduction
The surgical removal of bald areas on the top of the scalp. Usually multiple scalp reductions are done, with success dependent on the laxity of the scalp and the limited degree of hair loss as well as the age of the patient. Almost all scalp reductions are done with a combination of either flaps or grafts.


The Essential Ingredients Needed To Achieve Superior Results
The Essential Ingredients Needed To Achieve Superior Results

The Patient - Qualified in respect to age; degree of hair loss, type and color of hair, cause of hair loss, his/her expectations as well as the ability to afford and enure the multi-sessions often required to obtain excellent results.

The Physicians - Credentials, experience, aesthetic vision, honesty and the ability to educate you BEFORE surgery are all important elements necessary for successful hair transplantation.